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Everyone has a why

our story

Everyone has a why – and this is ours… 

Here is a little insight into the journey of FORM so far, from FORM owner André + Kate (+ little Nico)

Ok, so yes, there are so many stories online about how CrossFit and Functional Fitness changes lives. But it’s true, it seriously does. For me, discovering Functional Fitness not only led to me opening the first FORM Box, it also given me a family, a purpose and a kick-ass community.

My CrossFit journey began in the Fire Service. Whilst competing at the 2010 World Firefighter Game in South Korea, I travelled with the (now legendary) Sam Briggs – winner of the CrossFit Games 2013 – who was at that time also a Firefighter like myself. I had to discover how Sam had reached such an amazing level of fitness! She described with passion and clarity how CrossFit had transformed her life. I took Sam’s advice and set about finding a CrossFit box (not an easy task back then as Crossfit had only just started to slowly infiltrate the UK). I was immediately hooked and it wasn’t long before I was a true advocate of Functional Fitness. I helped to open one of the first CrossFit affliates in the region – CrossFit West Yorkshire – which still has its home at FORM to this day.

I am evangelical in my beliefs about the life changing benefits of Functional Fitness, regardless of age, injuries and current fitness levels! That’s why alongside CrossFit we also offer our FORM60 programme.

Underpinned by the same Functional Fitness ethos as CrossFit, FORM60 introduces a wide range of movements and workouts suitable for absolutely everyone. It WILL make you feel much healthier, more energised and more present in your everyday life. Workouts are scaled and modified for each person to help you become healthier and fitter. Grandparents and Olympians can perform modified versions of the same general workout! 

For established CrossFitters, you’ll find everything you need from a top level box; world-class coaches, a close-knit and ultra supportive community, plus great coffee! We also host our very own CrossFit competitions, the nationally renowned Form Fitness Series. 

FORM is much more than just a business; it is at the core as a true family affair; I run FORM with my partner Kate, who is also Head Coach at FORM and you’ll often see my son, Nico (now 3), around and lending a hand!

All I can say is if you haven’t tried Crossfit or Functional Fitness yet, why not?! It literally changed my life for the better and without it I wouldn’t be who I am today.

Come and see for yourself by trying a taster session. It’s amazing the difference it will make to your fitness, life and mindset… Are you ready?


our Programs


 Join the fitness revolution! The best CrossFit workouts in Yorkshire, delivered by world-class coaches, in a box jam-packed with all the equipment you could want. Just like FORM60, Membership fees are paid monthly. The epic community spirit is free!


Easily accessible, one hour, high intensity, group workouts with a FORM60 coach by your side to support you through every sweaty second. No 12 month contract to sign, no termination fees, just a flexible rolling monthly membership.


Looking for a corporate fitness programme to increase your employee’s morale, improve productivity and foster a culture of teamwork? Our corporate packages can be tailored to your unique business needs. Contact us directly to find out more.

Personal trainers

Our Personal Training provision is second-to-none. Perfect for those looking for a truly personalised 1-2-1 sessions, to achieve results fast and want workouts tailored to you specifically. Our coaches are the best in the business! 

our team is awesome

meet the coaches



Passion for developing the community at FORM is what keeps The Boss driven; you’ll rarely see him without a smile or joking around. However, he’s always there if you need a helping hand or serious chat.


The Gymnast

With a caring, supportive manner you can always rely on great coaching and a welcoming smile from The Gymnast. A genuine all rounder Ali really has an extra passion for mobility and gymnastics.


The Professor

Meticulous session planning and care for our programs makes The Professor a true advocate of how we train. He’s guaranteed to make you feel knowledgeable about your health and fitness as quickly as possible.


Young Yedi

A founding member at the gym, Luke is now part of the team and developing into an excellent Olympic Weightlifting coach. He can be found on reception helping members and serving great coffee.


  The Marine

As a former PT instructor in The Marines, Kev boasts masses of discipline, hard work and determination. These are all qualities that Kev passes on to members. Kev is also head of programming.


  The Viking

He may look like a Viking but Louis offers friendly and informed coaching with huge knowledge in both mobility and movement. Fully trained in both Sports Therapy and Coaching he blends both to make sure you feel the best you in no


The Informer

If there’s something happening at the gym The Informer knows about it and will let you know. Whether that’s a chat on reception, a social media post or an Informed newsletter, Katie will be sure to spread the good word of FORM!


Mr Technical

Dane is well rounded in all aspects of CrossFit. With 8 years of experience he excels in both Olympic weightlifting and gymnastics. Whenever he’s coaching, you’ll generally find him with a big smile and a can-do attitude.


The Chief

A Northern School of Contemporary Dance graduate, The Chief loves all things movement. Her keen eye will ensure you get the highest level of coaching with a considerate touch.


Mr Olympic Lifting

When Paul isn’t on reception helping with memberships, introducing new starters or serving you food and coffee he will be found on the lifting platforms… What he doesn’t know about Olympic Weightlifting isn’t worth knowing!


Mr Sociable

Whether you’re having your best day or feeling a little blue Luigi is always on hand to make you feel happier. A friendly smile and greeting are standard, as well as great progressive coaching.

The Gym

The BOX (our gym)

the best gym
in Yorkshire.

Discover everything you need to start or progress your health and fitness journey.

Our huge space is home to the best workouts in Yorkshire, with a real sense of community.  

You’ll find a dedicated world-class strength and conditioning facility, with an old-school urban feel, exposed brick and all the support you need from our dedicated team of coaches.

Make the change your body deserves.


Flexible rolling monthly membership – no 12 month contract to sign, no cancellation fees & no penalties if you cancel your membership. 

Do you want to learn more about 'What is CrossFit'? 


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