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Welcome to a functional fitness program that delivers INSPIRATION, ENERGY and COMMUNITY.

The results are truly epic.  

Pioneering Programming

As one of the pioneers of the CrossFit movement in the UK, FORM has been helping individuals achieve their fitness goals via the CrossFit methodology since 2010.

Already an experienced CrossFitter?

You’ll discover a dedicated world-class strength and conditioning facility, with an old-school urban feel, exposed brick and pretty much all the equipment you need to knock out that WOD. Our box is jammed-packed with all the equipment you could want and offers one of the best workouts in Yorkshire.

For CrossFitters eager to enter competitions, we provide a COMPETE program featuring specialised workouts to get you comp-ready and our legendary FORM FITNESS SERIES COMPETITIONS are the best box based, no qualifier competitions in the UK.

We also boast an EPIC community spirit. Our FORM family trains together, sweats together and succeeds together. 

Crossfit newbie? 

Known for being one of the world’s most epic fitness regimes, CrossFit is not for the faint-hearted. But that doesn’t mean you have to be an athlete to be part of a CrossFit community. Every level of athlete is welcome and all workouts are scalable so that they match the needs and abilities of each individual. 

Our highly experienced CrossFit coaches are here to show you the ropes so you can focus on smashing those WODs (CrossFit speak for workout of the day!). 

Up for the challenge?

Our dedicated team will always guide you through your training, giving you all the support you need to reach your fitness goals.

Let’s GO

JOIN THE Fitness revolution.

Real Work. Real Results.

FORM always comes first. Beasting members will never come before quality coaching

We are passionate about the power of proper form as crucial in achieving your fitness goals. So much so, we named ourselves after this very belief!

Proper form gets you better results and decreases strain on your body to allow you to move safely and effectively both in and out of the box.


olympic weightlifting

Olympic Weightlifting is another way to develop and hone all 10 physical CrossFit skills. It enables you to improve control of the barbell in the clean & jerk and snatch, the two Olympic lifts. Besides these two movements there is an enormous variation of extra workouts practiced by weightlifters. The aim of the workouts is not only to lift as much as possible with pure strength, but to master the techniques to lift the weight as efficiently as possible.


Want to get lean?

Add metcons (metabolic conditioning) to your training plan to ignite your fat loss efforts. Theses short bouts of higher-intensity training are designed to increase metabolic demand and increase energy usage. We love metcons for the performance benefits for competing and for the fat-loss physique benefits.



 Gymnastics is a cornerstone of CrossFit. When gymnastics movements are performed properly, they influence every aspect of your life and will have a dramatic effect on your fitness.

Within Crossfit, the gymnastics label is applied to any exercise in which you move your body through a range of motion (ROM) or extended range of motion (EROM) without an external load. Body-weight movements are considered gymnastics (e.g., air squat, push-up, pull-up, etc.) as are isometric holds.



class times



Monday to Friday:

– 6am / 7am / 8am

– 4pm / 5pm / 6pm / 7pm / 8pm



Monday to Friday at 9:30am 



Monday to Friday at 12:30



Monday to Friday:
– 8am – 12pm / 1pm to 5pm
– Saturday: 12pm-2pm
– Sunday; 10am – 2pm



– Saturday: 9am / 10am / 11am
– Sunday: 10am / 11am



If you’re looking for a Drop-In session then you’re more than welcome to come to any of our classes.

Pricing Plans

Additional programs

achieve even more

challenge your fitness

Want to compete? You’ve come to the right box! We regularly take teams to major CrossFit competitions in the region and we even have our own highly regarded competition series!

We also run The Form Fitness Series, an  old school functional fitness throwdown, in a modern unique facility.

Think competitive exercise in a fun friendly environment where you can push yourself to your limits whilst surrounded by your community. It’s a great way to take your training to the next level!

Olympic weightlifting

FORM’s Olympic Weightlifting classes train explosive and functional strength and power.  

Want to become a competitive Olympic lifter? Or are you simply looking to focus on this aspect of your training to improve your performance in the class workouts? We’ve got you covered with our highly qualified and supportive coaches. Get prepared – it’s addictive!

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

We love feedback from our customers. Here are three testimonials, if you want to hear more about what our clients have to say, you can check out over 200 online reviews.

I’ve been a member since January 2018 and I joined FORM after previously training at CrossFit Leeds as I was looking for a better facility and a more competitive training environment. 

My biggest achievement since joining is being
crowned the second fittest gym in Europe with Team Form Leeds at Strength In Depth 2018. Attaining 24th at The European Championships Individual competition was also a decent achievement! Also winning ‘Fittest in Leeds’ 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Training with and getting pushed in every session by like-minded people is one of the most enoyable aspects of being part of the FORM community.

FORM changes your whole perception of what fitness is. Without realising it, you’re educating yourself with training technique, training performance, nutrition and supplement knowledge through everyday conversations. You also make friends and training partners for life.

My biggest revelation about myself since joining has to be clean and jerking 140kg twice in 1 minute at Strength In Depth 2018. 

Joe Taylor, 28

I’m a 26 year old Portfolio Management Officer and Level 2 Gym Instructor, studying Level 4 Exercise Specialist and Project Management. Attention giver and cleaner to one little doggy and one very big man.

I’ve been at FORM for almost 2 years now and I’ve done the Compete programme as well as PT sessions with pretty much every coach! They all have a speciality and I am aggressively average so it’s needed!

I joined FORM as I was looking for something more challenging than normal circuit classes and a number of my friends had joined from another gym. Since joining FORM, I have becoming a healthier weight, it’s been amazing at helping me get over my anxiety and my eating disorder. Most enjoyable aspects? Throwing stuff around with friends!

I would 100% recommend joining FORM – it’s not just an opportunity for you to challenge yourself physically, mentally and obtain so many new skills. It’s also a great opportunity to make new friends, meet new people and become embedded in a supportive and warming family.
FORM has taught me I am not a quitter, I can get over obstacles, but also that it’s ok to fail – just get back up and try again.

Shaunie Gwen, 26

My name is Lesley Lazenby and I’ve just had my 40th birthday. I have two young boys who I’m usually running round after and ferrying to swimming, rugby and various other activities.

I’ve been a member at FORM for about 18 months. I joined after I started working in Leeds and tried out the lunchtime fast classes for a few weeks before starting the CrossFit classes. I’d taken part in a FORM masters competition a month or so before joining and really enjoyed it – all of the coaches and members helping on the day were so encouraging and there was a lovely atmosphere.

For the last 12 months I have also been working with Kate (Prosser) in PT sessions on my core strength (which I hadn’t really regained after 2 pregnancies) and gymnastic skills. Working with Kate has been amazing. I actually quite enjoy the gymnastic skills now (something I never thought I’d say!) and it’s been so good to learn how to do things properly.

I would certainly recommend joining FORM, the coaches are fantastic (I don’t think I’ve left a class where I haven’t been given something to think about or improve on) and everyone is really encouraging.

Lesley Lazenby, 40


Flexible rolling monthly membership – no 12 month contract to sign, no cancellation fees & no penalties if you cancel your membership. 

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